Staff Web Access (Manager Web)

The Staff Web Access option allows Student Manager users to perform these tasks via ACEweb:

  • View and create Name records
  • *Log into student records and enroll them in courses
  • *View student registration history
  • View course information
  • View rosters
  • Enter grades
  • Enter daily attendance (Attendance Tracking module required)

*without needing the student's ACEweb password

After successfully logging in, the Staff Web Access page opens and you will see the Staff Options section:

Staff View

Click the Lookup Student link to look up a name record and log in as that student.

Student Lookup

Once logged in as the student, you will see options to perform on that name record. (QuickPick option only available with optional module)

Student Record Actions

As a staff member, you can pay by credit card, or mark the transaction paid by Cash or Check.

Payment Options

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