Student Manager Bootcamp Video Series

YouTube Series: $75.00


You have a new staff member - hurray for you! It's time to develop their orientation schedule!

The Student Manager Bootcamp series should be a part of your onboarding process! This series provides 8 hours of training in four, two-hour segments.  

 Here's what we recommend:

Schedule Student Manager orientation time - about 2.5 hours per session, don't overwhelm them!.

  • Download a copy of the Student Manager demo to their machine (so they can safely practice what they learn.)
  • Allow them to view the video- pausing and practicing at their pace!
  • Repeat until all four sessions are completed

They have a great start to knowing the basics of Student Manager! You can then share your program's internal operating procedures as related to Student Manager.

Together, we'll get them off to a great start!


You will receive an invoice after signing up for the video series. With payment (we can send a CC link for expedited payment) or PO (if needed) you will be provided an outline for each video session and the links needed to get started!
Fee: $75.00


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