ACEweb.INI Settings

Determine your ACEweb behavior options, e.g. the Web Pay Options, the path to your Student Manager data, Course Fee Display behavior, etc. with the ACEweb.INI settings. The following is just a sample listing of the available INI settings:

  • AddOwnAccount - Determines whether new users are allowed to create an account
  • AllowWaitList - Determins whether users are allowed to add themselves to waiting lists
  • ChargeMsg - Message to appear on screen when charge is accepted and email is sent
  • CourseOrder - Default order in which courses are sorted in catalog listings
  • ExtraNameFlds - Additional Names and Nameudfs fields to include on Personal Data pages
  • GroupOption - Determine the group option used in catalog listings
  • HelpEmail - Email address of staff member for user to contact for further information
  • IdAlias - Term used throughout the program to refer to the registrant's ID #
  • InvoiceMsg - Specify message that is displayed to users who select the billing option
  • NotifyOffice - Determines whether a registration report is emailed to a staff member
  • PayOption - Default pay option for users (i.e. Credit Card Only, Invoice Only, Both
  • PrintRegWarn - Determines whether course warnings are displayed on the Confirmation page
  • ScheduleFields - Determines which fields/headers are shown in catalog listings
  • ShowInstructor - Determines whether instructor information link is displayed
  • SSL - Determines whether ACEweb is running under Secure Sockets Layer
  • UserIDSource - Determines logon fields (i.e. email, ID #, password, etc.)