ACEweb Design

You have 4 design options for your ACEweb installation:

  • Use the default design with your own logo and organization name/address.
  • Apply your own color scheme to the default design (i.e. change the color of the default design's header/links/etc. to match your institution's color scheme).
  • Your web designer can replace the default design with one of your own designs.
  • Purchase the *ACEweb Makeover option, and ACEware staff will apply the design of your existing site to your ACEweb installation.

You may see what design options some of our other ACEweb customers have chosen by visiting our ACEweb Online Portal page.

*Please note: the ACEweb Makeover option does NOT include design or content creation. You must provide all design elements (headers/footers/navigation), graphics, javascript, or flash programs you want to use on your ACEweb site. See Pricing for the cost of the ACEweb Makeover option.