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Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn is across the street from the William Armstrong Library. Ample free parking is available.

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Business Math - Advanced
Business WritingCoupon (Flat Rate)09/12/23150.00In-Person
Business WritingCoupon (Flat Rate)11/27/23150.00In-Person
Computerizing Your GenealogyOLLI Required08/28/230.00In-Person
Computerizing Your GenealogyOLLI Required10/30/230.00In-Person
Computerizing Your GenealogyOLLI Required12/22/230.00In-Person
Exploring the iPadOLLI Required09/25/230.00In-Person
Exploring the iPadOLLI Required11/21/230.00In-Person
Financial Planning - Maximize Your Philanthropy, Minimize Your ExpenseOLLI Required08/24/230.00In-Person
Intermediate Management ConceptsMulti Proxy Option11/24/23195.00In-Person
Introduction to Baroque MusicFree Course08/15/230.00In-Person
Introduction to Baroque MusicFree Course10/14/230.00In-Person
Introduction to Baroque MusicFree Course11/30/230.00In-Person
Introduction to ManagementCoupon (Percentage)08/30/23195.00In-Person
Joy of Painting LandscapesOLLI Required11/23/230.00In-Person
Using the KindleOLLI Required10/05/230.00In-Person
Using the KindleOLLI Required11/09/230.00In-Person

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These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.