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Student Manager Web Interface Demo/Sandbox

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ACEweb Alternate Interfaces

ACEweb offers an optional module* that allows you to run alternate interfaces from a single ACEweb install. Uses for this option include:

  • Running 2 Student Manager databases, each with their own interface including design/settings.
  • Using a separate interface for different group listings, e.g. one for your general group listings, and one for your contract training listings.

You can run up to 9 additional alternate interfaces with one install of ACEweb.

Alternate Interface Module in Action

The following sites are run from the same ACEweb install:

Alternate Interface Customers

See how some of our customers are using Alternate Interfaces:

Main Site Alternate Interface
Metropolitan Community College Metropolitan Community College Training and Development

*The Alternate Interface module is an optional module for ACEweb. Contact your ACEware technician for pricing.