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ACEweb is the companion to Student Manager that allows your students to view/register in your courses 24/7, and instructors to view course information and student rosters.

Guests/Visitors: feel free to create an account, enroll in courses, etc. Use a real email address and you'll receive sample welcome notices and registration confirmations.

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Student Access

Students can create/edit profiles, enroll in courses, and view their registration history.



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Instructor Access

Instructors can view course rosters, workshop rosters, print attendance sheets, export rosters to Excel, enter grades, submit course proposals, and record attendance.

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You can set up special offers such as a BOGO discount:

BOGO Special BOGO: enroll in one course from our Special Offer group, get the 2nd one FREE!

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Pricing: current pricing for ACEweb modules is available on our price list.