ACEweb Examples

Course Status Page View Examples

You have several options for the layout of the individual course status page. Click a link to view a course using that layout option.

Basic One-Column Layout - all elements on page are in a one-column linear format, with links to course information pages such as location, instructors, and workshops.

Two-Column Layout - elements are in a two-column format with details, register buttons and share icons in the first column; and description and related courses in the second column. Additional course information such as location, instructors, and workshops is accessed from links to pages. On mobile devices, the display changes to a one-column layout.

Responsive Tabs/Accordion Layout - brief details (dates, meets, location and cost) and the register buttons show at the top of the page, with description and additional information displayed in a tabbed format. With this option, users can see all data on one page. On mobile devices, the tabs switch to a linear "accordion" style listing.