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Name Biography
Arthur Alexander Arthur Alexander has more than twenty five years of financial management experience with a strong operations background in the financial management arena.
Jamie Benning Jamie is an experienced educator and somatic therapist. Helping people in recovery from trauma as well as people with special needs in a variety of settings, she is skilled at attending to individual needs.
Sharon Brookshire
Bill Clark Bill Clark has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education with a minor in Computer Science.
Sarah James Sarah has been enchanted with threads for the past ten years. Crochet, knitting, sewing or embroidery have all been passions, but it is crocheting and knitting are her true loves.
Jack Johnson Jack Johnson is is a twenty-five year veteran in the management field. He now serves on several boards and has taught both in the public and private sectors.
Steven Konz Steven Konz has twenty years experience in the Music Education field.
Jerome Lavelle Jerome Lavelle has been teaching art courses since 1985. His specialties are electronic imaging and studio art.
Lindsey Lieberman Michael Lowry has been an ACEware System Technician since 1998. He is the lead technician for the Credit Card Interface and Catalog Builder.
Greg Marshall Greg has been a technician at ACEware Systems, Inc. since 2012.
Carol Miller Carol has taught OLLI technology courses since 2005.
Karen Moore Karen has advanced degrees in Science and Humanities.
Matthew Olson
Tom Peters Tom has over 20 years of programming experience.
Cheryl Scott

Cheryl Scott has been an ACEware System technician since 2001. She is the documentation writer and lead technician for ACEweb.

Cheryl Scott

Alex Smith Alex Smith has a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and Secondary Education.
Martin Smith Martin is a licensed family counselor with 15 years experience.
Sarah Smith Sarah is Certified by both the NADTA & DVIDA as a Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor.
Joe Sotkovski Joe has been an ACEware Systems technician since 2002. He is the lead basic/intermediate training and report writing technician.
Brian Thompson Brian Thompson has 20 years experience in the IT field.
Jim Weyland Jim Weyland has fifteen years experience managing Windows Servers.